My Old Man

Whoever says that old men are wise

Should really come look at my pa

He’s got a big head about him alright

But he’s as dull as some of us are

He wakes up before the rooster crows

He travails for an hour then

A tasteless meal of cereals and oats

Followed by a workout again

Off early to his meager-paying job

With scores of similar men

Walking, talking, feeling jolly and well

While we snore heavily till ten

He doesn’t keep any phone or tab

Says, “I’m no slave to merchandise”

And when he returns home from work

There’s satisfaction in his eyes

The only good thing he does all day

Is keep from bothering us

But occasionally parts a word of wisdom

And wants us to discuss

But we’re busy with our phones and lives

We snub the old man’s plan

Nevertheless he smiles and says

“Tomorrow we start again”

He’s off to sleep as early as nine

While our day has barely begun

For we’ve got to dance and party all night

And we stop to care for none

We live in the moment’s gaiety pleasure

We’re smarter than the aged are

Whoever says that old men are wise

Should really come look at my pa

30 thoughts on “My Old Man

  1. Beautiful. You wrote about my dad. He died in 2014 never having owned a cell phone. The most advanced piece of electronics in his house was a small flat-screen TV. Not even a VCR, let alone a DVD player. He was content.

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      1. Thank you for that most honorable title bestowed upon my dad, who never would have called himself a hero.

        Hero. Such a simple word, but so meaningful. Thank you again. Made my day.

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  2. How can we not like your positive Pa. he leads a fulfilling life.
    Maybe he should wake these kids up though, they are wasting their precious time.
    Don’t we the sun or talk to anyone.


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  3. I couldn’t tell if that was sarcasm or not. I don’t know who my real parents are, I was adopted. Can’t say I share the same experience. Nice poem, Frank!

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