She Was The One

When she cared for me

And cooked great food

Hated shopping and said

“Gossip’s no good.”

I knew that she was the one

When she knew about football

More than most

And talked for hours

Like a nerdy coach

I knew that she was the one

When she laughed at my jokes

Though they weren’t great

And calmed me down

When I was irate

I knew that she was the one

When I forgot to wish her

On her birthday

She didn’t feel bad

No sorrow or dismay

I knew that she was the one

When she read my poems

And declared them best

And never reminded me

Of unresponded texts

I knew that she was the one

When she praised my body

And didn’t find it odd

And told me I looked

Like a Greek God

I knew that she was the one

When she was ten feet

And her skin was blue

And everything else was

Too good to be true

I knew it was just a dream

34 thoughts on “She Was The One

  1. I really liked this one because it reveals so much more than the words alone express. Writing poetry is not so much about the rhythm or rhyme as it is about how whatever poetic framework you use communicates something important or illuminates the otherwise unknown to the reader.

    This entry is personal in one sense, but also universal in that we all can recognize these features in our own way in our own circumstance.

    Well done!

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  2. This is beautiful.. she really sounds perfect, that’s too bad that it was a dream. But, I know, that dreams do come through… 👍

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  3. Lovely, Frank 💛 So she was the one, and what a strange twist at the end! But she’s still the one, apparently. It was a dream apparently that everything was too good to be true and that she was blue or ten feet. Lol. Have a nice day 🧡 thanks for that 🙂

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