I Have A Fear

I have a fear

That things are going to end

That dreams will never be fulfilled

That plans will remain incomplete

I have a fear

That places will never be seen

That things will never be spoken

That relationships will never be mended

I have a fear

That potential will be wasted

That no mark will be left

That no good will be remembered

I have a fear

That there is an escape route

But no efforts will ever be put

That fate was accepted without toil

I have a fear

That Death will overtake

That Death will overcome

That Death will overrule

32 thoughts on “I Have A Fear

  1. I have found myself thinking that way at times. It’s that whole thing of wanting to be relevant while at the same time watching the seconds on the clock tick by. But as I read this, then a few of the comments, the words of Paul in Acts 17 came to mind: “In whom we live, move, and have our being…” He was, of course, speaking of God, and ultimately the Son of God in flesh, Jesus Christ. His words, brought to mind by your post, reminded me that regardless how it appears to the worried poet, if His life is working through me, then whatever I do has immeasurable relevance! And though I may not go to places I dream about, or accomplish the plans I think might be important, if I could only see through His eyes the plans He has for me, I could see that He is accomplishing everything I should desire. I shouldn’t fear.

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  2. Thank you for making this poem! It resonates with a lot of us.
    FOMO can be very powerful, and frequently I fear that I will not be able to do it all—I want to go everywhere and learn everything. But I can’t, and no one can.
    The fear of death is also powerful.
    But these things only seem powerful, until we realize that we don’t need to see or do it all, we are complete in Christ; and that Christ has overcome this world, and has conquered death. Only through Him can I resist fear.

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  3. Hi Frank, We never really know the affect we have on other people. As you can see by these comments, people are reading and realizing they are not alone. you won’t hear from all of them … but, please give yourself a smile, knowing you have ‘paid it forward’, by sharing your story.
    Thank you for that..

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  4. This is just tooo Awesome! Seriously the words are soo true.. felt like they were all my feelings few days back and i am reading them again here… 💕

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