Game Over!

The more I live, the more I believe

That we are all part of a videogame

That there are levels some of us may never reach

Hidden areas and secrets, unknown powers and potentials — things we may never know

That God holds the joystick and controls everything

That we are mere characters for amusement

And all we have is one life

17 thoughts on “Game Over!

  1. I enjoyed your perspective! It resonates with mine, but I see it differently. God may have had the joystick in hand at a certain point. But I think he let it go. Why? Because the world he played into, the one he ruled, has a life of its own. And now God is simply a spectator.

    Bastard must be having quite the laugh there. Hmm, maybe we get to watch with him when we finally pass? Or, dare I say, have a go at the joystick if he hasn’t lost it?

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  2. But i know u will make it to the high levels. God is on your side! I promise! I wrote a poem similar to that and i used the metaphor that we were all chess pieces in a sad game of life. But im so much happier now. My poems and songs are about love and stuff. You will feel better.


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