The World’s Richest Woman

When Jeff divorced his wife
She became the fourth richest woman
36 billion dollars!
When I broke up with my girl
She became the richest
She took all my love with her

35 thoughts on “The World’s Richest Woman

  1. It is not your love she takes with you but your courage. To love with all your heart to have it end in pain is a grievous wound to be sure, but your capacity to love is not what leaves you it’s the courage to try because the heart never wants to feel that kind of pain again.

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  2. I think your view is twisted. You said you broke up with her which means you cut off the love. What you are feeling is not your love being stolen from you. What you are missing is HER love and what she brought to the table. I don’t know if Jeff’s wife was rich before they married or if he made all his money while they were together but a lot of guys who write shit like that do so with the belief that the woman didn’t bring anything to the table and didn’t deserve a share. You make it seem like your ex didn’t bring anything to the table and it’s not even her love you miss because you still don’t seem to see her value because you call it your love. This bitch stole my love. No! She loved the fuck out of you with HER love and that is what you are missing. I don’t appreciate you acting like it’s her fault or she robbed you when you clearly said you kicked her ass to the curb. So if you are going to be honest then be fucking honest. I can respect honesty but you can’t do it halfway.

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    1. How about treating a fictional post as a fictional post? Anyway, what the narrator wants to convey is that he loved her a lot but for some reason it couldn’t work out and they had to go their separate ways. But his love for her is still standing and that love he may never feel for somebody else. Of course, your interpretation is not a wrong way of looking at it.


      1. If it was fiction then why have the first part because that is true? Not arguing just pointing that out. I do appreciate the rest of your comment and will leave it at that.

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