You Touched My Heart And Left Me

You touched my heart and left me
My heart now yearns for eternity
Now my heart will never be the same
Now you tell me just who is to blame?
I, for letting you touch my heart?
You, for coming just to depart?
Of that I don’t know very much
I only know I need your touch

51 thoughts on “You Touched My Heart And Left Me

  1. Things are geeting changed
    May be my heart had loosen its virginity
    But i will definitely found a new
    That new will change my perspective
    How stupid i m thinking only about my heart
    He will come n will change my destiny


  2. Time to discover your inner nihilistic stoic. “The only thing you can truly control are your own thoughts and behavior. But even then, what does it matter, all is futile.” If you set those on opposite sides of a teeter-totter you can toggle them about for years — if not a lifetime.

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  3. The memory of that one touch of the person you like could last a life time as something nostalgic and worth cherishing, but on the flip side could also bring us to great chasms of pain and despair when you yearn to relive that moment again, in vain. Great concept and great poem Frank!

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  4. Hi, Frank! It feels so real how ur feeling…😔 hope u can remember that u r not alone.

    Anyway, Love is still great love no matter the outcome. I hope to read about the great memories some day? Im sure u r one to be crazy about! 👍🏽

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      1. Glad it did!

        For me, a heartbreak makes people special. It essentially is the most intimate we can be with ourselves. It is the only time we truly attend to ourselves, only time become our own bestfriends.☺️

        Most of all, it makes us aware of r humanity, a neglected superpower. Hihi. U surely give good love! N with ur humanity, choose the people u gv ur love to wisely bec they surely shall be enriched by ur great human love…☺️

        We are never the same after a break up. Make sure u r sweeter and braver at the same time☺️

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  5. Omg. Pain of death and separation. It hurts. It truly does. But it is important to acknowledge it and thus process it in our own ways. Maybe the accolades of your audience continue to spur you onwards towards escaping your own perdition.

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  6. Every time we open our hearts to be touched by another, you know our vulnerability opens us to pain. But the beauty of the touch lasts – and lessens the pain. And if we’re blessed, we find the touch that never departs. Keep your heart open- or you’ll miss that chance blessing! ❤️

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