Forty Years

If men were made for forty years
Not a day or a minute more
Would they spend it making careers
Or go out to explore?
Would money still be as precious?
Or would time be a currency?
Would a short life be a curse?
Or full of buoyancy?

33 thoughts on “Forty Years

  1. Your poem explores a deep question. We already have different goals in our lives
    and numbers matter more to some than other. If we follow what we love there might not be so much change. If we work only for monetary goals I believe the focus would shift.


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  2. I think a long life is a curse for sure and I lived longer than I ever anticipated. A long life without fulfillment is definitely harsh and unnecessary. I have harsh views on that anyhow, but I don’t care if anybody understands or not.
    And what would there be to explore for an old lady like me? Oh, sure I am not even a lady but only a simple tramp. So nothing to explore there… (I did not mean to be funny ore something, I meant dosser or bum more like… oh you know what I mean.)

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      1. I’ve spent far too much time chasing money and material possessions…. at least I’ve figured this out later in my life. Never too late to change.

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