What Is In A Name?

What is in a name?
Call me darkness
Or call me light
You can call me nice
Nasty or impolite
You can call me wrong
You can call me right
You can call me day
You can call me night
Call me any of the words out there
What do I care?
What is in a name?

I’m Jack the Ripper
I’m Bozo the Clown
I’m happy. I’m sad
I’m beaten downtown
I’m a poor peasant
I’m a king of kings
I’m Summers and Winters
And Autumns and Springs
I’m Everybody’s business
I’m Nobody’s Affair
What do I care?
What is in a name?

I talk the same
I walk the same
I jump the same
I hump the same
I feel the same
I deal the same
I eat the same
I beat the same
I laugh the same
I cough the same
I see the same
I’d be the same
Even if you call me by any other name
What do I care?
What is in a name?

38 thoughts on “What Is In A Name?

  1. Delightful and sad poem but if I didn’t know your name I might not have read your
    poem. Frankly, that would be a shame 😊. We are individuals and I experience through your writing that you very much are. So, same but not the same.


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  2. Names can be very meaningful… or they can be abstract and meaningless. What determines their importance? The essence inside the name – not the name itself! I was named for Janet Gaynor, first female Academy Award winner. I always tell people that’s why I am such a ham!

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  3. “ank”. But see for yourself…, aunt google knows more 😉 And I am sorry for you, Frank, I hope it will be better soon and time will bring you happiness and the opposite of downtown. 😉
    But probably I am also wrong. I stumble between here and there, this one or that one, who can tell. Banksy can’t I believe, or can he? :-p

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  4. I really love this one, Frank. Although, in all honesty I am of the opinion that names and indeed our words themselves are very important and have meaning. BUT I also understand what you’re saying here and I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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