A Million Years’ Debt

A million years ago we buried our sins
Deep in the ground where the fruits don’t spring
There they lay in silence and quiet
Devoid of space and devoid of light
We lay in the fields and lost our thoughts
We shook firm hands, loosened knots
The first few nights we didn’t sleep very well
A million nights’ve passed, but who could tell?
The sun was forgiving or so wrongly we assumed
The land was hungry and the sins; consumed
Nights came with peace and the haunting had ceased
The worries in us were slowly released
But then this morning we heard a strange noise
It was nothing else but the forgotten voice
The darkest sins had burst open our lands
We informed our kids, wife and friends
For a million years they were growing their roots
Now we’re shivering in our hearts and boots
The sins have come and they will have their way
A million years’ debt now left to pay

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