Writer’s Block – Part 2

A big block I carried over my head
Day and night, even in my bed
Whether awake or fast asleep
The big block I always used to keep

Now whenever I sat down to write
A song or poem of great delight
Something or the other wouldn’t go right
The big block didn’t let me sleep at night

Now this block started taking a toll
My writing habits took a big fall
Just like Humpty Dumpty of the famous rhyme
Words kept eluding every time

A little advice I thought I needed
They all gave me some but none I heeded
Some even told me to visit a doc
But I refused to part with the giant block

Then one day as I felt lazy and free
I took some shade beneath a tree
The birds were singin’. The sun had risen
Yet I stayed in my big block’s prison
The winds they whispered in my ear
A clever distraction by the atmosphere
Things became clear and my mind unlocked
As the branches snatched my writing block
The words began flowing through my veins
As I sat down to write a poem again

20 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – Part 2

  1. Live another’s life
    Bear another’s pain
    Stand on a thin wooden bridge
    And make the endless lives flow beneath you
    The waters that touched your feet everytime
    Make promises to give them life
    Your ocean of words and their stagnant life
    Will create some history just give them some time


  2. Ah Writer’s Block is really horrible! At some point, it just stops being about writing and becomes a physical and emotional pain altogether. =(
    But even through it, if you can come up with such a perfectly worded and amazing piece, then it shows just how blessed and phenomenally talented you are Frank!
    Keep it going, keep writing and do not stop and the weight of the block will lift away eventually.

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  3. I can definitely relate to this! Might I recommend some free association writing? Just sit down and write, and write some more. Let your thoughts pour out. It doesn’t have to be cohesive or grammatically correct. You might be surprised what you find. Happy writing!

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