Center Of My Universe

A hundred reasons to be happy
A thousand people to share with
Yet there’s one special person
With whom I share a special bond
For joy multiplies exponentially
When she is around
Nothing else seems to matter then
Time stands still
That smile is magical
Those eyes sparkle with excitement
The words she speaks are charming
The center of my universe
When she’s away I miss her
When she’s near I’m lost
In her mystical presence
The center of my universe
In her I see my truth
I connect to her with love
Around her my world revolves
The center of my universe

24 thoughts on “Center Of My Universe

  1. I’ve been a fan of your work since I got here. I love how you express love in simple words. You are not afraid to explore different territories. I love that. Every day there is a new poem and each one is a good read.

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