Night’s Last Wish

It’s hard to conceal
Everything that I feel
So I just let it flow
The song of the lark
I hear in the dark
Keeps me from feeling low
Though the dance basked in the moonlight
The sirens were loud and clear
Well I long for your sight
It just hurts every night
How I wish that you were here

The winds whisper loud
The stars hide the clouds
Just like the beat of my heart
Soon the feeling has gone
And all have moved on
As I watch them slowly depart
While the night leaves me empty
In the party of my fears
I’m proved terribly wrong
As I sing that old song
Oh how I wish that you were here

So here I begin
To flutter my wings
As I aim to reach for the skies
It’s such a huge cost
To recover what’s lost
Tears keep rolling from my eyes
O’ God listen to me
For once I’d like to hold her near
I hate the company
Of grief and misery
I just wish that you were here

26 thoughts on “Night’s Last Wish

  1. This is just too beautiful.
    ” what if my poems sing”
    I’d love them ❤😊 haha
    Liked the 3rd stabze creations of years and hours. Very good work friend! Truely!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I follow several poetry blogs, but yours is always a pleasure to read. Honestly, one big reason I enjoy your work so much is your rhyming! So many modern poets refrain from rhyming at all, but to me, the best poems rhyme!

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  3. Frank, as always, your poetry leaves me deeply moved. Your writing is eloquent and evocative; it stirs the emotions and warms the heart, and though not always easy to bear, it touches the soul like sunlight reflecting on the water on a summer’s day.Thank you for sharing. Steve

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