Why Do They Worship You?

O’ God I fail to understand
Why do they worship You?
Is it because You’re beautiful
Or is it because You’re true?
Is it because they have a fear
Set deep within their hearts
That any little misdeed and You
Might tear their world apart?
Is it because You’re a mystery
About which we barely know?
Is it because You’re divine?
An omnipotent fellow?
Is it the herd mentality
Of following the crowd?
Is everyone uncomfortable
Or afraid to stand out?
Is it because we people
Are full of ego and pride?
Do we need a higher power
To keep it all inside?
Or is it because they feel
Their fates are in Your hands?
Why do they worship You?
God, I fail to understand
What if these people found out
There’s a higher authority?
Will they stop worshipping You
And start following me?

73 thoughts on “Why Do They Worship You?

  1. Frank, I liked this, but felt some of the replies misinterpreted what you were working toward. I didn’t read this as an affirmation of a deity, but as a way to call on people to think for themselves. I have written on this several times

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      1. Heck, Everyone’s poems are open to misinterpretation. As Piet Hein put it:
        If You Know What I Mean

        A poet should be of the
        old-fashioned meaningless brand:
        obscure, esoteric, symbolic,
        — the critics demand it;
        so if there’s a poem of mine
        that you do understand
        I’ll gladly explain what it means
        till you don’t understand it.

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  2. No man thus created could I follow indeed,
    No person has authority over me in my creed.
    I bow down to no one, except the I AM.
    The Eternal Why? Infinity, Perfection. Not man.
    God needs no explanation that man could imagine.
    We dig up some dinosaurs and Imagine Dragons!
    If humans be wise in their own sight so much,
    Why’s it that God’s standard’s so difficult to touch?

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  3. This is a trivial poetry for a serious matter. Regarding God, we are all following shadows, and shadows don’t know where to go. The nature of God was, is, and will remain a mystery to mankind.

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  4. I have had this question stuck with me for some time now and was not able to find my way through it. Every second, every hour, every day, a person looks up to this figure and only be turned down. When an infant is stillborn, parents pray for this person to look down and make a miracle happen. A last-minute wish, from a victim who is about to jump off a building, to be saved by this person. When someone else in the name of this imaginary person, opens fires and still we all continue to preach. What fools, we have become? Pity.

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    1. If God replied to you every moment of your life, how would you then distinguish your own actions from those motivated by God? Would you want your earthly mother hovering over you 24 hours a day? I don’t, and I love my mother very much. However, I understand that the times I’ve spent waiting for prayers to be answered don’t invalidate the legitimacy of the answers once I do receive them. I can’t necessarily prove those experiences to other people, so that argument is necessarily subjective. But I can tell you with as much scientific certainty as I am capable of providing that I believe some prayer is highly effective and most of it is absolute horse shit.

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      1. It’s every mans perspective to himself on this imaginary being. In the thoughts of a child, who is effected by poverty. Prays to his lord to be his saviour. But loses trust once when replies don’t come. Why are we all too blind? For all our miseries, we go to him. He is not the bread winner for the house, he is not a parent who sit with you through tough times, he is not anything but an imaginary thought which everyone thinks is a easy way out. A solution to all the worlds problems.

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        1. The earnest request of a righteous person is very strong and effective. If you ask what you truly need of the Perfect Being, from a humble heart and open mind, and keep seeking after the Giver instead of the gift; these things will be added to you, friend.

          Is the gift more important than the one who gives? Did you earn your life, friend? Did you toil a single day to determine the circumstances of your birth? No! And yet you have a loving heart! Praise God that he has not allowed you to be an unbeliever! How much I would pity you then.

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          1. I believe in death, I believe in poverty, I believe in love, I believe in the universe, I believe in life, I believe in cosmos’s, I believe there are bad people and I believe in human. We have faith and we believe in everything. You are believer and so do I. But not when your beliefs is led down, you stop believing.

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            1. But my belief leads up! I willingly serve my loving Lord. My God knows what is best for me and guides my very steps! I would not know where to walk without the patience of waiting upon God.

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        2. I have all of my prayers answered almost immediately now, but that is because I am usually only praying what God shows me to pray, so He just needs me to ask Him to step in and help. God won’t just interfere into a person’s life without any permission or prayers unless they are saved already. Once you are saved, you belong to His house, and He hears all of your cries.
          God visited me on Good Friday March 2016. He is very real, and when you finally discover how much He loves you, and how much he longs to have you close to him, you will begin to praise and worship him also. I want to share something that God told me, because it was really odd, but I found out it was accurate with almost everyone that I knew. I asked God if anyone would believe that He spoke to me through a whirlwind outside my window, because it just sounds so crazy, and I never really heard anyone talk about God having an audible conversation with them or not since the days of the prophets in the bible. God’s response, “You will be surprised to learn that most people that say they know me have never known me.” It was sad, but true. I shared the awesome encounter with a few people and they all treated me like I was the devil. It kinda made the greatest experience of my life into what people saw as a shameful and embarrassing thing that I should “just keep to myself”. I already knew God was real, because I heard his voice a few times before that when I prayed for his help saving abused children and sex traffic victims. I prayed for him to save just one child a night, because I didn’t want to be too demanding back then. Three days after I prayed that, I met a girl that was rescued from sex trafficking in Phoenix, and I heard a voice say, “She is alive because of your prayer” That was the first time I ever heard that voice, so I was freaking out trying to find out if I really heard it or if it was my imagination. I found out that the girl was rescued after the police received an anonymous tip from a caller about two hours after my prayer. I then found out that 168 children were rescued that weekend across the nation by the FBI, and that same voice said, “Think Bigger! I want to save more than one child a day” That was the beginning of a truly amazing adventure, and He just keeps getting better and better! Miracles happen when people have faith and they believe that God is real. It does require faith, but I have evidence and know God very well or as well as a person probably can on this side of heaven. He did say that he is just waiting for people to turn and help each other so that Jesus can return. I guess it is necessary for people like Frank and any of you that are unsure about God to be helped right now, because He doesn’t want to leave any of you behind. I promise that you definitely want to believe and be covered with Jesus Christ, because no one will get through without Jesus as their covering of righteousness. I am not even a member of a church, because I couldn’t stand that no one in the churches I attended believed God was real. It was crazy and sad. God is very real and He helped this state go from 21,000 kids in state foster care with 17,000 backlogged cases in Jan 2016 to 14,000 kids in care and no backlogged cases. Guess when the numbers changed and finally started going down after 8 years of continual increasing? March 2016. God told me that He was stepping in to help and He did.
          He is the one that provides and comforts so don’t believe that lie! He has wrapped me in his arms many times when I was sobbing and heartbroken over events that people caused.

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  5. I relate so much to to this poem. I often take biblical stories or prophecies and turn them into something different that invokes a unique thought and feeling from each individual person. Excellent write ❤️

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  6. Some very relevant questions here Frank.
    Worship is the highest form of love…there is nothing beyond that.
    They worship him because they love him with that they have .
    If it is because of anything else especially fear then it’s not worship

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      1. It sure does sound logical. The problem is when you admit that God is an infinite being however. So, the process of understanding something that we are unable to actually comprehend entirely means we will cycle between moments of awe and fear depending on what we are currently viewing as “most powerful.” If we focus our attention on the only Perfect Being (a proper definition for “God”), and understand that nothing could possibly be more powerful that the Being that brought all else into existence, we begin to “fear” God alone in the sense that we know only God is capable of harming us or allowing harm to come to us and that this “harm” has a purpose.

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