O’ You Lousy Rat Called Fear

O’ you lousy rat called Fear
Let me make myself quite clear
The wounds from you are running deep
Tonight I plan to catch some sleep
You hide in your hole. You don’t come out
Then suddenly you start running about
You bring your other friends with you
Depression, anxiety and insomnia too
Your days are numbered I hope you know
Pack your bags for you must go
Tonight I look you in the eye
As I wave to you goodbye
You think of me as a piece of wreck
Come out now let me wring your neck

40 thoughts on “O’ You Lousy Rat Called Fear

  1. I truly believe we meet people at specific stages of our lives. Your poem gives me courage to make a much needed change in my life. I have been letting fear telling me I am not good enough for this change.

    “Your days are numbered”
    My favorite line!

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