Which Medicine Would You Prefer?

Which medicine would you prefer?
Laughter can ease you for a few minutes
Sleep; for a few hours
Death; forever
Which medicine would you prefer?

74 thoughts on “Which Medicine Would You Prefer?

  1. This was deep.
    Years ago I would have chosen the third option without any doubt.
    Now, I would like to sleep, let things adjust themselves and then wake up again. Actually, people could say “You go and adjust them”, but the truth is, we have no control over some things.
    Anyway, death can surely appear as reassuring, soothing… but the “what if” keeps some of us from doing anything.
    “What if in two, three, or 10 years my life gets better and I can be happy again?”
    This very hope keeps us from such a permanent, irreparable choice.
    Because, things could change, one day, in a person’s life; but death, there is no turning back.

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  2. Ah, but death a pale sacrifice makes
    When loved ones at its terror quake
    And tremble for loss of the loved one now gone.
    The essence–now lost–which can never return.

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  3. I do believe you are having some fun with us here… . Half serious answer, if you laugh longer and often you still win as you really live then. Plus it encourages many good hormones and endorphins.

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  4. so much negativity… sleep is the little brother of death anyway… I am almost dead since I sleep a lot. I don’t get you, Frank… frankly said. Or you don’t get me. Either way…

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  5. Very tough question. The first two options even if it provides a basic solution would reoccur, leaving me to the final option. Practically thinking, medicine are supposed to provide cure and make you carry on. Looking at it from this perspective, I would choose โ€œSleepโ€. The worst problem can be solved by sleep.

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  6. Good question.
    I think I’ll go for laughter. I don’t sleep easily, so that can’t be too helpful. Death… I still have a long way to go before that happens. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. Laughter of course. Find what makes you smile, grin smirk, snigger, giggle and laughter out loud even if you are on the bus when you do this. Regaining a sense of humour brings you back to living life and gives you hope.

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    1. Some burdens are heavy. Share the load. Talk to someone, take medication if needed, get out of the situation if that is a solution, write it out of you. I find journaling helps me sleep. If I sleep better life is easier the next day. Find something creative you can do even if it is making playdoh and smashing it till you feel better. Death is not a solution but a cop-out. I know that you can feel it is the only thing left but reach out honestly and find out where help is. Accept that help.


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