Is This The World For Me?

Mama, is this the world you left for me?
Violence as far as I can see
Sometimes I feel so helpless, weak and small
I wish I was never born at all
Ousted from the door of heaven’s shine
Betrayed by all that I held divine
Darkness and fright have come and kept me
Mama, is this the world for me?

Papa, is this the life you meant for me?
Freedom is seldom or never free
I don’t know what is happening when
Demons I see in guise of men
Hunting their brothers just to pretend
The glory will rein and never end
A hundred deaths and battles before me
Papa, this ain’t the world for me

81 thoughts on “Is This The World For Me?

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog! 🙂 I really appreciate this poem, particularly the line “hunting their brothers just to pretend the glory will rein and never end.” It made me think about the social constructs that delude us from seeing we are all the same, and that the feelings of superiority we get from killing and terrorizing each other will never sustain us as a species.


  2. This world has indeed become crazy and thanks to humans on the the path to self destruction….sadly what does it all boil down to……greed and a little piece of paper called money. Thank you Frank and with you on all.

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  3. Very well written as always. An eloquent chant to the real human principles of life and freedom for a better world. Your poems are accessible even for those people who might not be into poetry because of your great ability to communicate feelings and thoughts.

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