God’s Will

God has written our fate
Everything goes as planned
If I’ve ever hurt you
I never meant it, my friend
I may have wronged you
Caused you a lot of pain
I may have hurt you
Now you know who to blame
Nothing is in my hands
It is all God’s will
I may have hurt you ere
I may hurt you still

23 thoughts on “God’s Will

  1. Blame God? Or blame the person who finds it easier to blame someone/something else? God’s will? Or our will put in place by God?

    Very interesting, Frank. But you have me a little worried. Your poems have been quite dark of late. Don’t get me wrong, I am thoroughly enjoying them, but I hope you’re okay. Lol.

    Beautifully piece here.

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  2. Sometimes, I feel that god is just an entity people made up to blame someone for their behaviour. Somebody must be held accountable and no one was willing to own it. So, why not put it all on somebody who is only in our heads?

    I think god was manufactured by humans just for this reason. I’m glad you highlighted this, friend.

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  3. I AM god. My will be done! Pain I inflict upon you all, starting now. (Do you feel it? That’s me, twisting the screws, clamping the clamps, pressing the Iron Maiden shut. No, your screams will not be heard by any other than me — and I luxuriate in the sound of them, the terror, the agony, beg me for release, go on, beg me. NO! Languish as you are, you deserve MY wrath thinking that anyone but I could be your tormentor.)

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