Good Night, Foe

Before I go to sleep let me say my prayer
If I have you wronged I don’t really care
You never ever bothered about how I feel
I gave you a wound that will never heal
You called yourself a friend. Laughed behind my back
Secure your heart away lest I paint it black
You lied to my face. You did it pretty well
Sleep while you can. ‘Morrow I give you hell


26 thoughts on “Good Night, Foe

  1. “Another dies with a bitter spirit, never having tasted happiness.” Job 21:25

    Let the one who has done the wrong live (and die) in his bitterness. For you, wax poetic in living a life of happiness, unencumbered by wrath. Peace Frank.

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  2. hi Frank…read a few of your blog posts, so far the Good Night Foe is the one most appealing to the sense of where I am…thank you for being willing to share poems that bring some of the darkness to light so that it can be exposed and beaten to dust before the wind.

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