There Will Come A Train

There will come a train
That will take me away
Take me away from here
I would have no bags with me
No luggage or companion
Just my body and soul
I will go wherever it takes me
Far away from here
Whenever that time may come
There will come a train
That travels to another world
Carrying other people like me
Hearts will be laid out
Secrets will be revealed
Gambles will be paid off
With anonymous whispers
Of anonymous thoughts
In anonymous heads
There will come a train
On tracks made of gold
On tracks that are heaven-bound

51 thoughts on “There Will Come A Train

  1. Wonderful posts. Your writing style is beautiful and the words are magical. Keep writing. BTW if u have time, do check out my posts and u may hit the follow button if u like them 🙂 Looking forward to read more of your posts!!

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