I Left The Window Open And A Monster Came In

I left the window open
And a monster came in
Then the monster began
First there were two
Then three and then four
Soon there were so many
I couldn’t keep the score
I didn’t know what to do
With so many monsters in sight
So I turned on the music
And we partied all night

53 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open And A Monster Came In

  1. This poem is very funny. I really had a big laugh. Amazing how you use this great capacity of ambivalence to deal with serious and humorous elements at the same time, which vary from poem to poem. Sometimes you just deal with the former or the latter, or mix both elements. Fantastic!

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              1. Scout was a “self rescue”. He turned up one day when he was about 4 months old. He was almost dead from malnutrition and parasites. We also think he’d been beaten pretty bad. But he’s turned out to be best dog we’ve ever had. We had him housebroken in 2 days. Most of the time we only have say no once. He’s very eager to please us.

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