I Left The Window Open

I left the window open
And off I went to sleep
My mind was still quite active
In a slumber all too deep
And in my dreams I saw
All creatures, big and small
Entering through my window
Some I can’t recall
I saw a genie and a frog
Who claimed to be my wife
I thought I saw God and
Death came to take my life
I partied with a monster
I flirted with a thought
Saw day turn into night time
Enjoying myself a lot
That was as much as I
Can recollect and remember
It was like me sleeping
From January to December
When I woke up in the morning
The window was well shut
The creatures were all waiting
It was a dream but…

66 thoughts on “I Left The Window Open

  1. I love all the “I left the window open” poem series. Well, to be honest, I am fond of all your poems because they sound very musical, have a great choice of words and are incredibly accessible. You are a great communicator, which is not always the case with many poets that tend to be rather obtuse. I think you know very well how to reach a broad readership with your diaphanous style, dealing with universal topics such as love with its highs and lows. Also, the oniric elements make our imaginations fly.

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  2. I have been thinking what’s next . . .

    But Your wife was fuming
    The electric metric was humming
    You sat on your butt
    And asked β€˜What’s cooking?”
    She said,”Nothing!”

    Happy Easter Frank!

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