A Lonely Beer

Well the day has arrived
Like it does every year
The city’s painted red
All I see is cheer
Young boys and girls
Ladies with their men
Are falling for each other
All over again
Everyone seems happy
They’re all in a good mood
I am feeling lonely
I ain’t feeling good
Quit reading further
If you’re having a good time
I am going to rant about
Not having a valentine
It’s terrible to be alone
On such a lovely day
I wish I had a sweetheart
To gift her a bouquet
Yesterday I had Molly
I had Peggy Sue
They found out about each other
Now I’m alone and blue
I’m sitting in this bar
Drinking a lonely beer
I’m so glad this day
Comes only once a year

108 thoughts on “A Lonely Beer

  1. Cool poem, I don’t know a lot about poetry, but I like the cadence and the unpretentiousness of it. I would suggest you change the line where you rhyme the word ‘good’ with the word ‘mood’, because the two words don’t really rhyme and it threw me off what is otherwise a pretty good poem. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Hahaha… So so sorry abt Peggy & Molly. You caused it. Now you r lonely. To bad. . .Buh wait a sec,… not too bad. I’m happy to b lonely here too. Buh ☝ no one after me, or elseπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘ΉπŸ‘Ή

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  3. Ha ha..I guess that is what happens when you have both Molly and Sue. Interesting poetry.. in that note

    Our hunt for definitions and meanings are never ending. We always desire to provide something meaningful and yearn for the same.

    We build a fence around us and only look outside it to compare. But don’t realise the treasure we possess within.

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    To the world where I belong and to me where the world resides.

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    Happy reading.

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  4. This has been a yearly thing for so long, it no longer bothers me. Besides, flowers die and candy makes you fat…now diamonds are another story for another day! lol

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  5. I am left with questions… like who is Molly? who is Peggy Sue? Why were you dating both? How did they find out about each other? Your poetry brings on the urge for this to be a book so I can hear the rest of the story. For I can neither sympathize nor praise you with the information given. In the beginning, I am left feeling compassion and empathy for a lonely man. As I myself have been alone on this most precious of LOVER’S days for more years than I care to count.

    As the story unfolds, I find confusion and anger towards this man for causing a love triangle, the oldest emotional journey in the world. The paths we choose confound me.

    Great poem by the way.

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  6. Happy valentine’s Day! Nice poem. Happens! But I believe valentines is not only for lovers but self love too , show the love for yourself too buddy ! Hope u may get your valentine by next year πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰

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