An Angel With Wings

I must have done a lot of wrongs to have lived the life I’ve lived
To have gone through what I’ve gone through
To have been scarred the way I’m scarred
But I believe I must have also done something right
To someone somewhere
To have ended up with you
An angel with wings
The light of your halo keeps me safe
The touch of your hands makes me want to be a better man
Despite all my mistakes
All my faults
God must have smiled upon me
Sent you down for me
From the heavens above
An angel with wings
Now I know I will never be the same
Never be the way I used to be
The beat of my heart has changed
My soul is cleansed
All because of you
For you have come into my life and changed it all
Lifted me from my hole and carried me to the skies
Opened my eyes to what is right and what is not
What is heaven and what is God
The whole universe is in her eyes
An angel with wings

57 thoughts on “An Angel With Wings

  1. I read what another commenter said about “why change for an angel” — the angel changed the speaker’s viewpoint/outlook, which inspired the speaker to change, is the meaning I gleaned from the poem — like how people touch our lives, sometimes just once, sometimes multiple times, and their positive influence/energy betters us…anyway, Frank, your poem radiates love. Whether your words are inspired by fact, fiction, or a combination of both, they ring true for certain life experiences; and that is ultimately what makes your poem a successful and relatable piece of writing.

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  2. Why to change for the angel. Why can’t you decide for yourself to change for your own good. why waiting for a miracle to happen and then you will be again be lost if its lost….
    Just sharing my thoughts…..

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