Let Lightning Strike Twice

Tonight I had a feeling when I was with you
It was more than beautiful. It was more than just true
Let me cling on to it for I’ve never felt this way
I really wish this feeling would never go away
For I have felt the lightning
When I look into your eyes
So let me see you again
And let it strike me twice

Do I sense the same thing beating in your heart?
You know your love to me is a piece of art
I can hold it forever and never let it go
If you and your heart let me I can even show
How much do I love you
When I look into your eyes
Lightning has struck me once
Let it strike me twice

Isn’t this the best moment that we have ever shared?
The moment of letting go the feeling of being scared
And you look so beautiful under the moonlight
It’s like I’m in the midst of an angel of the night
For I have felt the lightning
Known this paradise
Let me hold you always
Feel the lightning twice

60 thoughts on “Let Lightning Strike Twice

  1. Loved this. Your blog is a therapy for me.
    When I don’t feel good.
    I turn to your blog an read some touching poems.
    That makes me feel there is still hope. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

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