A Stupid Man

I met a stupid man today
Full of ego and pride
I tried to avoid him but
He wouldn’t leave my side
He kept staring back at me
With a curious look
Like I was some petty thief
A demon or a crook
I asked him the reason why
But he just wouldn’t say
He asked me the same thing
It continued all day
Then he began arguing
Shouting at me
So I screamed back at him
With no mercy
The argument came to a point
Things went out of place
Things soon became heated
I punched him in the face
It only hurt my knuckles
It’s still bleeding a lot
He was too sharp for me
I hit the wrong spot
I won’t be seeing him again
No stupidity anymore
I’d buy myself a new mirror
Old lays broken on the floor

125 thoughts on “A Stupid Man

  1. Great work! πŸ‘

    Hmm, but just thinking. True, it’s a process that’s not usual for my head and the flies there… But you might have seen my reflection somehow.

    No, no. Actually, my husband’s. He sometimes lacks even the flies.

    So, no more damage to our property, please πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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