Saving Love For A Rainy Day

Show me love, show me love
That’s what I told my love
She looked up at the skies above
She’s saving it for a rainy day

Be with me, stay with me
Without her I feel lonely
But she doesn’t quite agree
She’s saving love for a rainy day

When it’s winter, when it’s spring
Love me for everything
But she doesn’t hear Monsoon sing
So she’s saving all her love

Now it has begun to rain
I told her not to abstain
Show me all her lovin’ again
But she didn’t show me love

Now I don’t know what to say
She said she didn’t mean it that way
She isn’t literally in any way
Saving her love for a rainy day

I wonder if she’ll ever show me
How her love was saved for me
If it will ever come my way
She’s saving love for a rainy day

36 thoughts on “Saving Love For A Rainy Day

  1. TT^TT This reminds me so much of a couple I’m writing right now. It’s quite possible to love a person without acting on that love. Letting it die from want and neglect and time.

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  2. So is she like Whitney Houston, but stingier?
    I have a super hard time pushing ‘like’ on posts because of issues involving mental instability (and a possible outbreak of foot-in-mouth-to-finger disease), but this poem is the faceless equivalent of a bleeding heart…how could one just walk on by?

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  3. Frank, your poem is really so good and beautiful.
    So filled with longing and yearning. It is true that
    this poem would make a good song….
    What puzzles me is, how can one save love? It flows out if it. Is there.
    I don’t think it does well in a safety deposit box.

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  4. Oh Frank.. as a woman, at first I had that sorry for you feeling; then I had to laugh, cause what went through this mind of mine next was….she obviously doesn’t want to “dance” in the rain with you. Good thing it’s just a poetic story.

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