Saturday Comes Too Early

Well I hate the weekends
Just nothing to do
I keep myself so busy
By drawing a tattoo
I wish I was at work
With a dozen files
That is the only thing
That fills my face with smiles
I wish I was at work
With my colleagues and boss
When they are around
I never feel so lost
But here I am sitting
Wasting a day of my life
With my books, songs, cars
With my children and wife
Saturday comes too early
There’s just nothing to do
No place left on my body
To draw a new tattoo

51 thoughts on “Saturday Comes Too Early

  1. Everyday is a blessing from God! I use my weekends for sleeping, eating, writing, and attending church! Do have a blessed one, although it goes by fast but thank God that he’s kept you through another week and he’s gonna keep you through the weekend! Much love and blessings! Byes! Xx

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