12 Things For A Beautiful Day

A compliment that makes you fly
A joke that makes you cry
Feeling the warmth of the sun
Snuggling on a couch with a loved one
Smell of beautiful fresh flowers
Singing in the shower
Free time to yourself
Random act of kindness to someone else
Sight of birds flying south
Chocolate melting in your mouth
Sipping coffee while listening to a rainfall
A simple poem to top it all

93 thoughts on “12 Things For A Beautiful Day

  1. Hi Frank,

    Thank you for liking my post and thank you for the check list. Your poetry is very nice…and we all need a reminder of what can make a beautiful day.

    Thanks again,

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  2. Hello, Frank. I, like one other reader who had commented, don’t understand a lot of poems, so I usually skip those blogs. But I really enjoy reading yours. Since I know so little about poetry, may I ask is there a name for this kind of poems? If we want to learn to write poem like you, where do we start?
    Thanks in advance. Happy 2018!

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  3. Number 13 is all the likes my blog received from Frank Solanki, thank you! Tonight’s post was the last of the Diary Series. I appreciate all your support and continue to love your writing, always so great! Happy New Year.

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