My Dog Has A Blog

My dog has a blog

For writing poetries

He’s a much better poet

Than I could ever be

My dog has a blog

More followers than me

Thousands of crazy fans

A mini celebrity

My dog has a blog

Fame and money

He moved out last month

To start a family

My dog has a blog

But a bad memory

Ever since he’s moved out

He’s never called me

111 thoughts on “My Dog Has A Blog

  1. This is almost satirical when you compare it to all the ‘Pets of Instagram’ accounts out on the Internet. Vanity and the need for validation in humans will never cease to amuse me.
    Keep up the writing 🙂

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  2. These days, I wouldn’t be surprised that a dog or cat blog would do better than those of many humans (but maybe if we can act silly and put it on a YouTube video we could get millions of likes, lol!)

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  3. I am actually used to your amazing writing… what do i say, it was very (× infinity) good❤ i opened wordpress after like 21 days and jumped right in to ur blog first.
    I love ur writing very very much.
    Keep up the good work.
    Hope it stays forever and ever❤

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  4. Why is it that the silly ones get all the attention? Were you to post on the ability of your canine friend to appeal to your oxytocin production by staring at you wide eyed, there by mimicking a baby’s gaze, you’d get nary a reply. But provide a set of Seussian syllables and the world begs for more.

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