In My Dreams I See A Man

In my dreams I see a man

When I wake he’s not seen again

Am I what you see or seem?

Am I nothing more than someone’s dream?

70 thoughts on “In My Dreams I See A Man

  1. So I find this terribly funny…
    Over a month ago I had this dream that I met a man. We shook hands and I asked him his name. He responded, “Frank.” And I repeated his name with a smile and then fell asleep in the dream as I woke up in real life.
    A couple days later I had a WordPress notification of a new like on one of my posts… and it was you, Frank. Ha!
    This poem reminded me of that so I thought I would share. I have lots of funny things like this that happen to me, probably because the universe knows how much I love to laugh 🙂

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  2. How did prehistoric man interpret dreams? Suddenly, while sleeping, one sees dead tribe members, family members, creatures roaming and attacking. One wakes up and what? Where are they? I wonder how much dreams influenced our interpretation and creation of a spiritual world.

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