My Phone And I #3

I am not too happy
Not happy at all
My phone does a lot of things
But how do I make a call?
It wakes me up in the morning
Brings my breakfast to bed
Teleports me to Phillipines
And even farther ahead
It cheers up my mood
Whenever I am sad
Understands everything I want
Though they may be unsaid
But I am not too happy
Not happy at all
The things these new phones do
But how do I make a call?
I would like my old phone back
Old just like me
It never sent me to Phillipines
When I asked for Bali

65 thoughts on “My Phone And I #3

  1. Thank you for liking my blog post @frank – feel free to follow me on social media and my blog.
    I see you do a lot of phone posts. That’s cool

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  2. Ha ha! That’s a good one. I know the feeling sometimes. As I write this to you on my phone, I wonder if perhaps we were better off before all of the instant everything. Thanks for cheering me though.

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  3. It’s sad that now a days no one takes the time to communicate with anyone. Almost no one I know wants to have a conversation over phone it’s always a text. We have taken the people out of conversations. Great post!

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  4. Ahhh…the old days… when you could feel those butterflies as you listen to the voice of the one you loved over the phone…today it takes you to the moon…but no butterflies anywhere to be found.

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