If I Was To Die Today

If I was to die today

You’d have so much to say

Say that I was a good man

The greatest son of the land

But now he’s gone away

If I was to die today

If I was to die tomorrow

Drown yourself in sorrow

Sob and cry and drop your tears

Remember me for a trillion years

After I’m buried below

If I was to die tomorrow

If I was to die yesterday

There would be no time to play

Just take my time machine

The one you’ve never seen

Bring me back to stay

If I was to die yesterday

61 thoughts on “If I Was To Die Today

  1. Good ideas. The correct grammar though is ” If I WERE to die today. This mistake is often made, and easy to change in this poem without altering context. Well done. Read my post called “As I Lay Dying”

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  2. We all going to die someday
    And what left is our comment
    On the internet
    Thanks for reminding me that
    We will die
    That why I must live with out any fear

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  3. Thank you Frank, the way I see it you eloquently take up the reactions of those you would leave behind. I can see how the gift of a time machine would be a wonder for those who really grieve and
    whose lives have forever changed because of loss.
    Strong poem with deep sentiment

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