A Friend For Life

I never had a family
No friends or children or wife
Then I looked deep inside
And I found a friend for life
I never had a God
No faith, religion or belief
Then I found deep inside
A hope to fight my grief
I never had anything
That’s what I always thought
But I am all I need
I am all I’ve got

65 thoughts on “A Friend For Life

  1. Some thousands and thousands of years ago Rig Veda has announced this wonderful hymn which is echoed so simply in your poem and which we have achieved in our lives sharing with the rest of mankind. This poem no doubt represents the philosophy of Upanishads.

    “Sing to your Agni (Fire god) with each song, at every sacrifice, for strength.
    Come, let us praise the Wise and Everlasting God, even as a well-beloved friend” [6.58.1]

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  2. I love this. This is so relatable and absolutely empowering. I always thought “I just need me” but never in such a fulfilling and promising way. Thank you for this post. These simple words are all that some people need to read.

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  3. *finger snaps* Love, Love, Love this! You said it perfectly! It took me a long time to love myself and when I did I became my own best friend. Xoxo

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  4. These sentiments are true insofar as we must like ourselves before we can be liked by others. But I think it is how we interact with the world that most affects our appreciation of ourselves.

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  5. I really like this poem and there were many times in my life when I would have thought that you were writing about me. However, I have come to believe, and I agree with tmezpoetry in this, that we were born to be relational. Sharing our life is an additional dimension to living it.

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  6. I have had many times where i have found that all i had was me. It is so very important to make yourself strong and concentrate on your own wants and needs at times. We are all born alone and die that way too and then some of us struggle to fill that void through our lives. Not all of us really want to. It makes living and leaving that much easier hey 🙂

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  7. I wish I could buy this… I mean I like the poem but I never feel like I am all I need. And I don’t think thats wrong or that you’re wrong by any means. I just think we are relational people needing each other.

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  8. Beautiful. I have no god. Never had a wife. I do have a child but with a truly bad person who uses them as a weapon. I am all i have. Sometimes i dont even want that. Its a struggle to not end life. But knowing that i have me. No matter how messed up i am due to this person. Makes me glad I’m still here. Thank you Frank for always posting inspiration.

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  9. I have lived being other people’s “cheerleader” and had put my own needs and wants on pause; your poem today has touched my inner spirit and made me remember that “I am all I’ve got” especially when I’m hermit-ting. Thank you for writing today.

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