No More Work For Me

Here I am at my desk

Doing my regular work

I’m doing the best I can

Trying not to be a jerk

There’s so much work to be done

So many files to complete

So many people to please

So many deadlines to meet

Is this what I was born for?

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

There is so much pressure

That it gives me a fright

I think about it at home

I think about it at night

I try to catch some sleep

But it is just no good

I do what I shouldn’t

I smile when I should

Yell and say, “I can’t take it anymore”

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

I feel like a robot

Doing the same old stuff

Except that it gets harder

Except that it gets tough

For I have no motivation

I have no regards

For work that is perfectly

Suitable for retards

I should have quit this place a long time ago

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

The screen’s getting blurry

The keyboard’s laughing at me

The mouse is getting squeaky

Is this where I should be?

The pen refuses to write

The fingers refuse to type

The head knows not what is right

Is this all a massive hype?

Don’t you feel sorry for my sorrow?

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

I’ve got a solution

I’d quit and I’ll resign

I don’t give a damn

I won’t stay here till nine

I’d spend time with my kids

I’d spend time with my wife

I’d do all that I love

I’d go out and live my life

So I grab my boss’ collar and let him know

I won’t be coming to work tomorrow

126 thoughts on “No More Work For Me

  1. Thanks for popping by, now and again. I like this one, Frank. The futile rage of the wage-slave who has to work for a living but doesn’t live to work. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been living this out for real, but pleased to say it has improved since and I’m back to enjoying what I do. Being less frantic also leaves more time for lying in the grass and staring at the clouds. Nice work.

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  2. a great poem Frank, I wonder what work you did or are you speaking for ‘every man’? thanks for persisting with my blog through all its changes. I’m finding it hard to settle in a particular style. I keep going off the rails πŸ™‚

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  3. Man I am now a days under a lot pressure and I feel the same but it is worth it so I will keep on going πŸ™‚ but no doubt it’s so tough. All my energy has drained out. I slept throughout the class like my mind was sleepy.

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  4. OK well yes, I have to say “been there (felt like that) done that (yes, I quit) and survived to live a wonderful life – but definitely not for the faint hearted especially those with wife and kids to care for. It’s easier to “take the leap” when single where possible consequences don’t impact others. It is possible though, maybe I’ll pray in a “bridge” for you to cross one day – man wasn’t meant to live enslaved.
    Well expressed by the way.


  5. I can definitely say this is how I felt last year up until I quit teaching in March. The amount of pressure & pain to remain where we don’t even feel content with our lives is the absolute worst. Thanks for sharing this piece! It reminded me of why I am so happy that I got out.

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  6. Wow, that is one strong and emotional poem. You certainly get the point through and I like the way you repeat ” I won’t be coming to work tomorrow ” after each stanza.
    Follow your dream and live life whilst you have it.

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  7. It’s sad to say but this seems to be the norm for the last generation of young business poeple. I hear this daily from my own children and their friends. Burnouts are an everyday occurrance.

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  8. I think we are connected somehow. The timing of this is uncanny. Notified my boss last week…leaving at the end of the month. Going to write and pursue all that brings me joy. It is tough but I know it will be worth it. I’m trusting God!
    Thank you Frank.

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  9. Much Love , Encouragement and Provision I ask The Most High Divine and the Celestials to surround you with on my behalf. I was there, on March 3, 2016, I took the leap and never looked back. Much Love and Light.

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