I Keep Walking This Endless Street

I keep walking this endless street
There is no one I do meet
In my head are a thousand thoughts
Fastened together with rough knots
A dim light I see afar
Guided by a lonely star
Save me from my own self
I am really of no help
Peaceful homes where people sleep
Pass me by as I weep
Alone I feel so incomplete
I keep walking this endless street
I am getting out of breath
Sometimes I feel that sudden death
Is better than pain and suffering
Better than I feel everything
So test my knees and test my heart
Until my weakened soul departs
Away to a distant foreign land
Where there’s nothing to understand
My empty heart just skipped a beat
I keep walking this endless street
Pick my sorrows and lay them down
Cover the streets of this endless town
I’d speak the truth if there was an ear
I’d tell my dreams if you were near
The birds they sing a desolate song
This is not where I belong
You think I’m happy, I am strong
I am weak and you are wrong
So I accept my defeat
I keep walking this endless street

64 thoughts on “I Keep Walking This Endless Street

  1. The comment section is lit. I hope i could do poetry like you or people in the comment section. But I write raps though😜

    I fall, get up , do my best
    have head ache, heartache , bulletproof vest
    All the haters are gonna hate, kelz
    Always live the moment, leave the rest

    Your poem is beautiful 🙂

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  2. Lovely walk endlessly
    Thoughts and feelings
    Move along
    Maybe not a happy song
    Things are mostly wrong
    Still one must walk till end
    With fear or anxiety at bends
    Heart and soul will leave
    Some one else will walk with me
    Death a promise
    A console
    Will I die young or old
    Does it matter
    If I was told
    Live life..there is not much to hold

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  3. Made me think of how I’ve been walking 🙂 But it doesn’t get lonely, I walk at sunset, and the sky isn’t dark yet, and I see the clouds smiling at me, and know that God loves me ❤️ Take care blogger Frank. But I dont think you should ever stop smiling 🙂

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    1. I went to Egypt recently, the people there were mean to me. And they had somehow made me stop smiling. And that is something that God did not want for me. That was why I had to leave.


  4. A somber poem, but there’s happiness behind the realizations within. I’ve felt this way all week long, but I realized that I just need to take the next left for a new opportunity.

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