Last night I lay in my bed but I couldn’t get any sleep
I got up and checked the clock. It was nearly three
I stepped outside and I beheld a star-studded sky
Made me wonder at my significance and purpose in life
The road was quiet and peaceful. The winds were blowing soft
I wondered if this is what paradise is all about
Just then my paradise was disturbed by the sound of bullet shots
I think it came from my home but I wished it didn’t
I rushed to the scene and the horror enveloped
Father, he was dead
Mother, she had a bullet in her head
Brother, he was gone
Sister, she will never wake up now
I knelt at my mother’s bed and I held her hand
“Why did she have to leave me all alone?” I began to cry
Just then an arm grabbed me from behind
Pointed a gun to my head and asked me to make a final wish
“I wish to be with my mother.” I said
“Very well. Brace yourself.” he said
I took a deep breath as he began to count
Sweat dripping from my forehead
Heart beating ferociously
And then I woke up from my dream, gasping for breath
My head was in a spin and my pillow was wet with sweat
I looked around and everything seemed all right
I had a glass of water just to recollect my heart beat
I checked the clock. It was nearly three
I looked outside the window. It was the same night sky
Streets were all empty. The winds they must be soft
I rested my head on the pillow to try and catch some sleep
But I was wide awake now. A thought disturbing me
Some lives are imperfect. For me, it was just a dream
I wonder if this is what paradise is all about

101 thoughts on “Paradise

  1. Lovely suspense!
    It felt so real that I began to thank God it was a dream.
    I only hoped the dream wouldn’t play out in reality, then I became sure that even from that, I would wake.
    Keep up the good work.

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  2. Hey Frank, I thought it was tragic and true. glad I read to the end , and it was okay. Thanks for checking out my site. I am glad you enjoy some of what I write. I appreciate it.


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  3. HI Frank, there’s no way here to contact you save for commenting. Your writing/poetry is powerful and offers vivid images. Thank you for checking out my recent blog post. Glad we connected here.

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  4. Wow !
    First of all thanks for liking our blog yesterday!!
    If you hadn’t done that I’would have missed out on this reading experience!
    Awesome writing and great to read!
    Hope to see you again at our blog……..I’ll definitely be back at yours !

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  5. This is so beautiful…. However much heartbreaking it is, we mustn’t forget that our nightmares are what many people live through….

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