My Imaginary Friend

I warned my imaginary friend not to come out again

Daddy’s getting edgy. Mommy doesn’t sleep at night

But he doesn’t listen to me. He’s got an evil brain

He waits for his moment and then turns off all the lights

He’s got a plan for tonight when the full moon comes out

It isn’t far away. The plan will be executed anytime soon

I can already hear Mommy and Daddy shout

Oh wait, there. There’s the full moon

42 thoughts on “My Imaginary Friend

      1. Oops. So they will get annoyed.
        But you like him you will get sad too..
        If you get sad , they will again get annoyed.
        So, let him come make you happy so that you have the power to convince your parents..

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  1. Chilling! Quick and poignant. May I suggest your imaginary friend to read a short story in Ray Bradbury’s “October Country” collection, one about a baby crawling out of bed and…..;).

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