Amidst The Darkness

I have visions of a starry night and a flight of golden stairs that lead me to it

The chimes and the times are my prison

The winds they blow

The clouds they snow

And I am climbing with no reason

A familiar voice in my head calls out to me asking me not to quit

A dead cave I come across which leads me to the darkness of a darker soul

The queens and a slave open the cave

Silence deafens

Golden weapons

And I am riding along the wave

The echoes of a familiar voice inside my head is consumed by a hole

Where am I now?

Where do I go?

Am I trapped in this for eternity? Lost beyond recovery?

Is this a nightmare?

Am I all alone?

Someone please wake me up. I don’t want to stay asleep

Would you take my hand?

Join me in this realm?

We will find a door

Amidst the darkness

53 thoughts on “Amidst The Darkness

  1. PS: the poem I was meaning to refer to was “Alone with everybody” by Charles Bukowski. Sometimes it is fine to read but it doesn’t offer hope for feelings of darkness or depression. Yours does!

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  2. This is amazing. It captures dark moods but with light overtones. I used to be a fan of Bukowski and loved the poem “nothing else fills” but at least this shows something more positive within the empty feelings or morose thoughts… if that is what you were trying to portray… sleepless nights or feelings of depression… that’s what I got from it, anyway. Great poem 🙂

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  3. 1. do you ever had a dream of kissing ur married friend…….is this show that you lost ur character
    2. wht will u do of ur poems that are written fr smone else….do u email them all to ur ex, or u hide your folder forever……because man have a curiosity to know fr whom i had written so many lines, and if that man is going to be ur husband thn he will definitely spoil ur life fr this…

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  4. which book are you reading now?, something strange is going in your mind……i wonder smtym , why all these thoughts doesnt pass through my mind…….Hey Mr have you left your romantic zone or you want your readers to get confuse…..leave, whatever you are writing …..its …you can say TASTY, hi hi hi…

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