Smile A Little

Hey girl, you seem to be a little upset

What is it that has you feeling so bad?

Do not give this world a cause to regret

Smile a little now and you won’t feel so sad

If you don’t smile

The roses wouldn’t bloom

This world will be doomed

If you don’t smile

There would be total gloom

Smile a little now

So the sun can shine a little now

I can feel a little fine now

What do you say?

We go out to dine a little now?

So smile a little and brighten up this day

Hear the birds sing from far away

Till the stars sparkle in the night sky

And never let that pretty smile die

60 thoughts on “Smile A Little

  1. Oh my god… This is the sweetest thing I’ve read in a loooooong time Frank. I really needed this. Thank you so Much!! ❀❀❀❀

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  2. smile a little maybe it will not reach your eyes
    for tears swell and drops on cheeks as you try
    hurt so deep you want to keep the reason hidden
    yet your trembling lips tell me the a story laden
    with fear, weakness and grieve

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