Sara – Part 8/13

“When a guy doesn’t pick up your calls, you know what to do?” Tangy the bicycle asked Sara.

“I should wait for him to call me back?” Sara answered hesitatingly.

“No, not at all,” Tangy yelled. “You have waited long enough. Has he returned a single call so far? No, he hasn’t. Never wait for a guy to call you back.”

Rose tried to calm Tangy down, “Go easy on her, Tangy. Don’t yell.”

“We have been quiet for too long,” replied Tangy. “Look at her state. She has nearly gone insane. We should be direct and bold now. We will call Kai’s mother.”

Sara was shocked, “How do you know I have his mother’s number? Even Kai doesn’t know that.”

“Come on, girl. Don’t be so naive. You have been talking to us about everything. And we remember everything.”

“Gosh! You know all my secrets?”

“Let’s not go there. Concentrate on the work to be done. Call his mother right now.”

“Maybe we should think through…”

“No chance. You call her right now or I will drive up to Kai’s place and tell him everything.”

(A few moments later)

“Hello, Aunt. Can I speak with Kai? I’m Sara from his class. I wanted to talk to him about a school project.”

Sara heard Kai’s mother call out to him to come and answer the phone.

“I’m studying, Mom. I’ll call her later.” came the answer from Kai.

His mother answered Sara, “I’ll tell him to call you later. He’s studying right now. Is that okay?”

Sara, pressured by Tangy, refused to give up, “Doesn’t he need any help with his homework? He hasn’t asked for my help for the past few days. I always used to complete his homework earlier but now he doesn’t seem to need my help.”

“You used to complete Kai’s homework?”

“Umm… I mean… I used to help… actually no no… he would do his homework himself… in fact he used to help me with mine… I’m sorry I got it all mixed up… hehe”

“I think I’ve got it cleared now. Let me speak to my son. He should be ashamed for asking you to do his homework and you should be ashamed for doing it.” and Kai’s mother hung up the phone.

Sara’s heart went thump thump thump! Poor Sara!

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