Sara – Part 9/13

That night Sara was crying on her bed. Tangy (her bicycle) and Rose (her rose) came up to her to talk to her.

Rose spoke softly, “Sara, are you okay? What happened?”

Sara did not respond and kept wailing.

“Leave her alone,” Tangy said. “She’ll be fine in no time.”

Sara got up and gave Tangy a furious look, “It’s all your fault. Don’t you get it? You were the one who came up with a supposed brilliant plan and forced me to speak with Kai’s mother.”

“And so?” Tangy asked.

“Her mother found out that I had been doing his homework and he got an earful from his parents. He just called me and told me the nastiest stuff ever. He even said that he doesn’t wish to talk to me or see me ever again. It is all your fault. You were better off being inanimate.”

“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” Tangy responded. “You were the one who wanted to talk to him. You were the one who was worried about him ignoring you and not picking up your calls. Because of my plan he picked up the phone and called you. You should thank me. Moreover, I never told you to tell his mother about your help in completing his homework. You got nervous with her mother and blabbered your way to your doom.”

“Calm down, everyone.” Rose interrupted. “It is getting really heated here. We should relax. What’s done is done. We cannot change it but we can act now and improve our position.”

“I have just the plan for that,” Tangy replied. “We will stalk Kai on social media and find out what he is up to.”

“No, I am not listening to your plans anymore,” Sara spoke sternly. “You have ruined it. Rose, do you have a plan?”

“Rose has gone stale. There’s nothing he can do here.” Tangy replied curtly.

“I do have a plan actually,” Rose spoke. “We should get him a gift.”

“What? Are you serious?” Tangy did not like the idea at all. “This is the best plan you could come up with?”

“I like it,” said Sara. “Tomorrow we will buy a gift for him. Thank you, Rose. You are the best.”


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