Sara – Part 7/13

Sara woke up with a start and looked at her bicycle (Tangy) and flower (Rose). They were still as any other inanimate object would be. Sara slowly moved towards Tangy and shook its handle but nothing happened. She took Rose in her hand and sniffed it. It was stale and nearly rotten but there was no movement or answer.

“So it was all just a dream last night? I really thought I heard Tangy and Rose talk. Wow! That was crazy. It felt so real,” Sara muttered to herself.

She turned around and started tidying her bed.

“Hello, Sara!” she heard a voice from behind her. A shocked Sara jumped around but there was nobody behind her except for her bicycle and her rose. They still looked inanimate. “My head needs to be a little quieter. Stop playing tricks on me.”

She threw herself on the bed and covered her head with a pillow but she could still hear that voice in her head.

“Oh Sara!”
“Oh Sara!”
“Oh Sara!”
“Oh Sara!”

She pushed the pillow firmly against her head to drown out the noise but it didn’t work. She kept hearing those voices. Frustrated, she screamed and began to cry uncontrollably. After a few minutes had passed she noticed that the voices had stopped and her head felt lighter though she had a running nose. She got up from her bed to look at Tangy and Rose and they had moved. Rose was in the pannier but Tangy was not resting against the wall. It was right next to her bed.

Sara felt scared and tried to touch his handle…

“Boo!” cried Tangy.

“Aaaaahhhhhh….” yelled Sara curled up on her bed.

“You really can talk?” Sara helplessly inquired.

“Yes, we can. Now time for some action.” Tangy replied with nonchalance.

“It was Tangy’s idea to scare you,” fumbled Rose.

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