Sara – Part 6/13

Sara faintly heard voices calling out to her. She was still in a dreamy state and everything felt like a blur.

“Hey, wake up!”

“Wake up already.”

“Be gentle. It may shock her.”

“She should have known this a long time ago.”

Sara rubbed her eyes and woke up to a peculiar sight. She saw Tangy (her bicycle) and Rose (her rose) talking to each other. She pinched herself but it didn’t work. She buried herself under her blanket again and started to pray that it was all just a dream.

Rose whispered, “It’s okay. You can come out. You need someone to talk to. You can talk to us.”

Tangy did not whisper, “Get up! It’s time for some action. We don’t have a lot of time. We need to teach Amy a lesson.”

Sara jumped out of her blanket immediately. “How do you know about Amy?”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, my girl,” said Tangy, “that’s all we have been hearing for the past few days.”

“Not entirely true,” corrected Rose, “she has been speaking to us about the pandemic…”

“And Kai and Kai and Kai,” snorted Tangy. “I’m sick of hearing about him. Gosh! Kai this, Kai that, Kai here, Kai there, Kai my rear wheel! Do you have any idea how often and how fast you’ve driven me just to meet him on time. That useless piece of…”

“Hold it,” screamed Sara. “Not a word more.”

“Ooo, thus speaks the lover girl. I am so scared,” mimicked Tangy.

“Calm down, Tangy.” Rose exclaimed. “Come here, Sara. Take a whiff of my petals. It should calm you down.”

Sara took Rose in her hand and brought it closer to her nose.

“What is this…..?” and plop she fell unconscious on the bed.

Tangy turned to Rose and shook his handle in dismay, “You’re stale! Really stale!”

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