If All The Giraffes Were Green

How beautiful it would be
If all the giraffes were green
Wherever you may look
Blue ants could be seen
If all sharks were yellow
If all elephants were white
Don’t you agree with me
It would make for a beautiful sight?
If all tigers were pink
If all whales were red
Wouldn’t it be delightful
If all the crows were red?
But alas the world is dull
Whoever painted it so
Wouldn’t it be a little brighter
If I were God, you know

7 thoughts on “If All The Giraffes Were Green

  1. I’m not sure what it is about your work, but when I read it I simply feel better. Even if I didn’t feel bad to begin with, I just feel better. Thank you for sharing your gift!

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  2. It would make for a beautiful sight,
    To me this even seems right!
    But how about if chickens could roar or birds could bark ?
    Don’t you think it would add a little fun to everything so stark?

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