An Office Cool

One thing that I want to know
Where, for work, does Daddy go?
Must be a place full of fun
He wakes up earlier than the sun
Hurries his bath and his brush
He always seems in such a rush
Skips his breakfast, makes a run
His office must be a lot of fun
I wait for him at home all day
Time never seems to fly away
When at night he knocks the door
He looks exhausted to the core
Eats his meal and goes to bed
Oh I’m so envious of my dad
Only one conclusion I can draw
He must be riding a see-saw
And playing on the slides and swings
With other people just like him
There’s no option but to pray
That I too can be like him someday
Dear God, what can’t you do?
Just one thing that I ask of you
As soon as I get out of school
I wanna join an office cool

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