Hide And Seek – Part 2/13

He knew Light could harm him not
For he had seen and heard,
Through the faintest opening
Of an untouched window,
Other kids’ merriment
Playing under Light’s cover
Yet Darkness was adamant
That he cannot be friends with them

“Keep away,” warned Darkness
“Lest you become one of them
They are ignorant, foolish
They welcome Day
And shun the Night
They do not know the gains
Of having Darkness as a friend
Do you wish to be like them?”

The little boy hesitated, “But we have no new games to play.”

Darkness replied, “We shall see.”

She went through her list
Of places she had to go
People she had to meet
Corners she had to light up

“Sunshine, don’t you tire
Of running around here and there?”

“Tire?” she chuckled
“Whatever does that mean?
How can one grow tired
Of doing what one loves best?
A candle never grows tired
Of eliminating Darkness.”

“But the brighter it glows
The faster it fades
Don’t you think you ought
To take a little rest?”

With a glistening smile
She said, “We shall see.”

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