Hide And Seek – Part 3/13

Once a cold, cold winter night
Like Sun hadn’t come up for days
The boy was sleeping cozily
Wrapped up in a warm blanket
With Darkness in his pocket

The rough winds rattling the window
Was the only sound they heard
On such cold, cold winter nights
The sound was harsh and cracking
Still they slept comfortable, accustomed

Tonight it was unusually quieter
The boy slept sound
But Darkness was awake
Darkness was alert
Sensing danger in the calm
Like he was to come
Face to face with his biggest fear
Sun was about to rise

He was right
He tapped the boy
Asking him to wake up
His manners were frightening and firm
The boy woke up
To a radiance
Like the one he had never seen before
The glow ignited his bones
But blinded his eyes
Covering his eyes with his hand
He asked, “Who are you?”

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