Hundreds and hundreds years from now
Two kids will stumble upon a toy
While running around in their backyard
While jumping, delighting in joy
They will take it to their parents
Their mother will shriek with fear
Their father will throw a stern look
Examining the wear and tear
He’ll say, “There has to be more
Of this from where it came.”
“But what could it be?” she’ll ask
“I don’t quite know its name.”
They will start digging the yard
Call upon their neighbours and friends
The whole city will then witness
Similar sightings and trends
They will all keep on digging
Find lots of parts and pieces
Assemble them in fine fashion
To form several masterpieces
But these machines will turn against them
Before they have time to understand
Why these bots were broken and buried
By their fathers beneath the land


16 thoughts on “Masterpieces

  1. There are many technologies, when refined, like sharpening a blade, or extracting an active ingredient, become more dangerous. This was a good reminder.

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  2. Keith Laumer wrote The Bolo Tank series, which were AI tanks which patrolled and defended/attacked invaders. There’s a story of one, it sat as a relic in the town square, corrupted with age and ignored the towns folk thought it a quaint wartime monument. Generations came and went.
    Until one day, an alien race descended from the sky set on destruction and the tank woke up.

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