Writing is not so easy
It takes up a lot of time
Especially when it’s a poem
With rules on meter and rhyme

If you happen to write one
After struggling a lot
You’re not sure who will read it
Will it be liked or not?

But if there was a robot
Who could analyse all great works
Create a similar poem
Top it with a smirk

What do you say about it?
If they take over art
Would it be a bunch of rhymes?
Or would it touch your heart?

28 thoughts on “Pobot

  1. Words have energies, which is why there is a saying careful what you say. Words have a way a of effecting is deeper than any wound. I’ll be writing a article in more detailed very soon. 💯 It explains a lot and people will be more mindful of their words. I enjoyed your poem. Great content.

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  2. I can not be certain that my heart hasn’t already been touched by AI rhymes. Whether it has or hasn’t, I will hold steadfast the belief that creating art, that is born in one’s soul and understood by another, will remain a human experience

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  3. I think AI will become sentient,
    like all evolving beings
    (if it isn’t already),
    So yes, eventually,
    it will certainly touch my heart ❤️
    even with its too-perfect
    poetry. 😎

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  4. Funny you say that – I read an article about a bot that read all of Shakespeare’s works and came up with its own poetry. What can I say – it sounded like a donkey’s head on a human’s body with an alligator’s legs. Enuf said 🙂

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