I Can’t Tell Her

If this was a game
I sure would be lame
Unable to fight my own fears
I shiver in pain
But then she calls out my name
And all of it disappears
My poor heart is not to blame
How can it fight and not fall?
My head’s full of doubt
My heart sings out loud
But I can’t tell her at all

As every day passes by
I say — I’ll give a try
Tomorrow that is for sure
And like yesterday
I let time pass me away
Right through the front of my door
Yes, I’ll need a ladder to climb
My head’s built a huge wall
I’d like to make her mine
Dedicate all my time
But I cannot tell her at all

Now who’d like to bet?
I would live to regret
If my feelings never reach her ear
Thinking how it would be
If she was with me
Holding me tight and dear
It’s not how Love’s to be played
But no rule I can recall
The heart feels betrayed
The head’s too afraid
I just can’t tell her at all

4 thoughts on “I Can’t Tell Her

  1. heavy sigh, I agree w/Rude…very deep…. painful read….it has flare when I feel as if I wished those where of someone I’ve always missed…..but understand how life has been played …he’ll always be mine… well w/distance…lol….but I can’t come forward to tell & wish I could get out of my own way….thank you for the beautiful thought provoking & emotive write of yours…..

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